This is a small test launcher for the number solver. The purpose is to take 6 numbers, and apply operations to reach a "target number".

The target number can be from 101 - 999
The 6 remaining numbers are made up of 2 groups, small and large numbers. You can select anywhere from 0 - 4 large numbers.

The large numbers are: 25 50 75 100. Each number can be picked once.
The small numbers are: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Each number is available to be used twice.


Solve types

Difficulty bars / measurements

With solve type 3, there are 20 categories of answers, containing up to 5 answers each. These are meant to help assist with any AI needs there may be. The first level emulates a pretty bad mathmetician, whilst the 20th level emulates some smarts. The difficulty range of answers may not always seem 100% accurate, but it's very tough to accurately measure the difficulty of equations. I took a piece by piece approach, and basically added difficulty points for things like not being divisible by 10, odd multiplication, high numbers, etc

Errors status codes